Discover Clémence Faivre’s first spectacular performance of Haute Ecole and liberty with Gotan…
A pure moment of emotion!

“Harmony, complicity, infinite grace, perfection, absolute lightness…
The compliments, the ovations, and the tears that flow from the crowd of spectators awed by the emotion emanating from the extraordinary performance by Clémence Faivre and Gotan, her sublime bronze stallion with his long braided mane.

A centaur couple !?
Yes, the two are perfectly connected and transit smoothly from one to another exercise of Haute Ecole in liberty, without bridle nor bit.

She is a renowned equestrian artist. Gotan is a lusitano horse.
Both are prodigies, who rivalize equestrian prouesses…

Equestrian art at its highest perfection…”


Galop Passion – October 2010


Length : 10 minutes