Clémence Faivre presents “Gala”, her Haute Ecole performance tailored on request to animate gala events, opening ceremony, press conferences, fashion shows, weddinds and private party directly in contact with the public, moving between tables…

Perfectly trained to Haute Ecole and freedom work, Clémence’s horses can perform inside exceptional venues, such as historic monuments, prestigious restaurants, casinos, theatres…
Each unique display leaves audiences spellbound under the magical experience

“Spanish walk, Piaffé, priouettes, the passage and switching leads at a canter and on the beat…
Clemence Faivre smoothly moves from one Haute Ecole exercise to another, with neither bit nor bridle.

Her bronze stallion Gotan expresses his impressive personality and easily rivals in the transition
from one complicated exercise to another.

Serious and concentrated, the danser anticipates his trainer’s desires and accompanies the young
woman in her quest for osmosis and harmony.
Magic? Maybe…Great Art…most assuredly”

Antoinette Delylle, reporter à Cheval Magazine

Length : 7 minutes