In addition to performances, Clémence Faivre lends her talent to the Film Making Industry, photographer and to publicity campaigns.

In truth, this renowned artist has already proven herself successfully in numerous films and today, with her horses, she proposes her services for publicity campaigns, short movies, films, fashion shows…

Harmony, complicity, perfection and grace are the qualities required when behind the lenses or behind the camera.

Perfectly trained to Haute Ecole and freedom work, Clemence’s horses are also models of perfection for photo sessions.
 They can perform inside exceptional venues, such as historic monuments, starred restaurants, casinos, theatres…




Manon Lescot Telefilm, doubled for Céline Perraut in the role of
Manon Lescot
Merlin English TV Series by Julian Jones, doubled for Katie Mc Grath
in the role of Morgana

Merlin Englis TV series, doubled for Katie Mc Grath in the role of Morgana
Les diamants de la victoire Telefilm by Vincent Monnet, doubled for Julie
Judd in the role of Graciane

Merlin English TV series by Julian Jones, doubled for Katie Mc Grath
in the role of Morgana

Frousiyya Film by Raymundo Garcia, played leading role of Yasmeen
Merlin English TV series of Julian Jones, doubled for Sofia

Paris je t’aime Film by Nobuhiro Suwa

Les Rois Maudits Telefim by José Dayan
Gaspard de besse telefilm
Jacquou le Croquant film de Laurent Boutonnat
Henri Dunant, La croix rouge telefilm



Gucci Masters Shooting at the Eiffel Tower with the princess Charlotte
Casiraghi, Kevin Staut, Edwina Alexander, and Virginie Couperie-Eiffel
Paris Match Jean Rochefort à l’estomac dans l’étalon. Shooting
with Jean Rochefort, Kevin Staut, Pénélope Leprévost
at the “restaurant Bon” – Paris
Impulsion-project Shooting for Yves Theobald’s book – Bordeaux