Gotan is the beginning of Clémence Faivre’s rise to international acclaim.

She presents for the very first time a performance with him at Saintes-Maries de la Mer in 2010.
Doted with a rare intelligence coupled with an enormous heart , Gotan was purchased in Chiclana (Andalucia, Spain), on sight. They will perform together in more than 14 countries.

During 5 years Clémence select other lusitanos horses for her forthcoming creations.

Clémence will realize an other dream and start her own Lusitano Purebred Studfarm in Spain, « Clémence Faivre Stud ».


Clémence Faivre Stud was founded with mares from Veiga, Coimbra and Arsenio Cordeiro bloodlines; all daughters, sisters or mothers of spectacular Haute Ecole and bullfighting horses.

« I made a careful selection of mares and stallions based on fantastic character, beauty and functionality.

All the mares comes from the famous champion "Navalheiro" (Opus 72 by Firme x Zoologia) and from the huge champion "Novilheiro" (Firme x Guerrita)

The stallion is "Fuego FG" (Ambar by Navalheiro x Vivaca), an expectional horse with fantastic bloodlines…

Sensibility, intelligence, strengh, energy, generosity are quality required for my work.
The quality is my target. I raise lusitano horses by passion. My dream is coming true... »