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Elmarie from London wrote on 23 January 2016:
You are a very talented and hardworking lady. I enjoy your amazing videos and live shows. Your performance is special because it does justice to the noble spirt of the horse and is filled with respect and trust. Thank you so much for posting all the clips on YouTube!
Araceli Mohedano Hidalgo from Cordoba wrote on 26 November 2015:
un gran placer haberte visto en sicab 2015, encantada al hacerme una foto contigo. Eres espectacular con tus caballos, espero volver a ver tu gran espectaculo. Un abrazo
diana fernandez fernandez from veguellina de orbigo wrote on 23 November 2015:
un placer haberte conocido en persona en Sicab 2015 un abrazo te deseo lo mejor Maestra
gael from le monde wrote on 2 October 2015:
merci.. c est beau ce que vous faites.. sourire
Sal from Nashville, Tennessee wrote on 29 September 2015:
Your beauty and class are only surpassed by your talent.
Husam Wali from Lingen (Ems) wrote on 15 August 2015:
You have a very wonderful relationship with the horse. I would like to learn from you. Enquiry!! How the movement of horses from country to another country!? Plane ?! And what are the procedures?
Olga from Levis wrote on 5 August 2015:
Totally mesmerizing performance in RDS in Dublin today. What horsemanship!!! In awe?
Willms Chantal from Joué lès Tours wrote on 19 July 2015:
J'ai assisté à votre prestation lors du spectacle Harmony aux Stes Maries de la Mer samedi dernier. Je tenais à vous dire combien j'ai apprécié de vous voir, votre cheval Gotan est magnifique et vous formez un couple de travail très harmonieux. Merci.
Lynne Lucas from Lander Wyoming wrote on 10 May 2015:
You and your horse are one in spirit and thinking. It takes years to gain that kind of relationship. Of course a horse with the talent to learn as well.. My hat off to you 1,000 times!
Lars Soderberg from Malmo / Sweden wrote on 26 April 2015:
Would love to see the show hope it will come to Sweden !!
Hassaan zoabi from Syria wrote on 1 February 2015:
amazing talent!
Wesam Alsawi from Dubai wrote on 26 January 2015:
Great Job and stunning work Hope to see you in GCC respect
Jessica Adamson from Newark wrote on 14 January 2015:
You have amazing talent! Your love and care of these magnificent horses just shines. You make the complex training and hours of work that goes into this, look effortless and flawless. Keep up the amazing work.
Suas apresentações são assombrosamente espetaculares, a forma como trabalha com os animais deixa-me sedento pelo aprendizado de tão excelente técnica, parabéns!!!! Sus actuaciones son increíblemente espectacular, la forma de trabajar con los animales me hace sediento de aprendizaje tan excelente técnica, enhorabuena !!
Robbin Scelso from New Jersey wrote on 3 December 2014:
Would love to see you in New Jersey. I am very, very impressed and delighted.
Oliver Durkin from Ireland wrote on 2 December 2014:
Very inspiring lady. Love to see your horses shared on Horsepip.com. Just discovered this site by chance, what a lovely find...
Yvette Lubb from Johannesburg South Africa wrote on 26 November 2014:
The true passion and love for horses is undeniable. All one has to do is look at the trust the horses have in their owner. They follow her lead without hesitation. Clemence is incredibly fortunate to be able to do something she loves so much! Unbelievable!
Charles Bex from Cambridge wrote on 22 November 2014:
I found a jewel that needs no polishing. I felt a calm, I never have felt before. I raised a glass to toast to perfection. I admire the grace. I desire to feel the warmth of love between two worlds. I express with one knee down, THANK YOU. May the Gods grant you a seat within the realm of joy.
Eric Platz from Melbourne Australia wrote on 11 November 2014:
Thank you for exhibiting your great love and talent with us. You and your four legged friends are gorgeous. Eric
Adriano Barreto from Juiz de Fora wrote on 10 November 2014:
Dear Clemence, Absolutely beautiful and moving! Parabéns from Brazil!